Friday, 10 March 2017

Final Illustrations and Application of Pattern

This is the final set of motifs that I've created for the brief. I'm pleased with how they've turned out, although they're quite simple I feel that they can still communicate the fun, playful message behind The Grown Up Chocolate Company. My next task after editing these images was to apply them to the outer sleeve template provided in the Project Pack for this brief. This took quite a while to figure out as I had to make sure I was leaving space for the logo, ingredients and some other mandatory logo's that the brief specified had to be on the outer sleeve. 

I'm happy with how the application of my images has turned out. I feel that keeping the background white was a good decision so as not to make the image over-crowded or bit too busy. I found it hard to work to the size that was asked of me. I didn't realise how small the box was but I feel that I've used the space effectively to create something that fits the brief to a good standard. I've sent my partner the design over, he's really happy with how it's turned out but just wants to make a few tweaks to some of the logo placement and sizing. I'm happy that I'm working with someone that understands more about the design aspect to a brief like this, I feel like his input will definitely improve our submission. My next task is to send my illustrations and the box over to my partner. He will then start to finalise the work he's been doing on the landing page and we can then start to put together our design boards ready for submission. 

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