Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Imagery Development

After meeting with my partner again and going through my ideas, we've decided to go ahead with following the route of cut paper and looking at how we can use simple motifs of the different ingredients to create a fun, playful pattern that can be applied to both the box and the landing page.

I started out with some simple roughs in my sketchbook. I then sent these over to my collaborative partner and he seemed to like the direction I was heading in. I decided to use cut paper to create some shape-based motifs that were easy to move around and edit on photoshop. I'm really enjoying working with cut paper at the minute and I feel that it's the easiest way for me to work with shape. When I'm drawing things, I can only understand it in terms of the lines that are down on the page, but when I translate that into cut paper, it's easier for me to identify the different shapes that are used to create the overall image. 

These are the motifs that I've created as a base for the pattern that we will be creating. I don't think this will be a repeat pattern as such, but more just random placement to create an interesting composition on the small space that we have to work with. I will be scanning these into Photoshop and editing the colours and adding small amounts of texture. Me and my partner decided that it would be best for me to create the pattern that will be used on the outer-sleeve of the box and then I will send my files over to him so that he can apply them to the landing page that he is creating. 

Although we've separated the brief into different tasks for each person, we are still communicating, sharing ideas and giving each other feedback so that we can create an outcome that we are both happy with and that we both think fits the brief well. 

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