Friday, 24 March 2017

Quick Brief - Ohhdeer Go Card Or Go Home

 Because of my poor time planning and lack of organisation, I didn't have the time to enter the UK Greetings competition on YCN. HOWEVER, Ohhdeer are in the process of having their annual greetings card competition so I decided to try my luck with that. To be honest, I think the ohhdeer competition is bit more suited to me, UK Greetings seemed very serious and professional, which I am not. You can upload up to 4 entries but I've just done one for now and they can be either portrait, landscape or square. The brief also said that they were looking at valentines and mothers day cards for next year but were also open to any kind of greetings card.

I started off with a quick sketch that I refined and then scanned into Photoshop. I've recently started braving photoshop bit more and have purchased some of the Kyle Webster brush sets. I decided to create my image using these and also gave using a Wacom tablet a go for the first time! This is kind of a big thing for me considering how terrified I was of using anything digital at the start of the year. 

I've submitted my entry now, I'm pretty sure that the winner is just chosen by the people behind Ohhdeer but there's also an option for people to vote for different designs so I've posted the link around on Facebook/Instagram a bit so that people can vote if they want. I don't think this really influences who wins or anything but it's at least worth a shot! I've mocked up my card design as well, more for the sake of the presentation boards that we need to do for the end of this module but it looks kind of professional so maybe mock-ups are something I should be considering a bit more, especially for 505. 

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