Wednesday, 6 January 2016

OUIL404 - Shape and Texture

This weeks tasked asked us to look at the value of texture and the quality that it can bring to your work when applied. I was really excited to start creating textures and incorporating them into my image making. I decided to use charcoal to create my textures, I'm not really that keen on charcoal, the feel of it against paper makes my skin crawl but by using the material in different ways I was able to make lots of interesting textures and patterns!

The next step was to combine what we'd learnt about shape from our last session, with what we learnt about texture this session and create a self portrait! I was really happy to be working with shape again, I'm really starting to enjoy the simple yet striking images that you can make from using simple shapes to create images. 

It was interesting to see how shape and texture worked together. I found that adding texture to flat shapes really gave the image more depth and more of a hand crafted feel too it. I also liked how you can use different textures to describe different surfaces such as a light, delicate texture for skin and a more rough, bold texture for a knitted hat. I think I'd like to explore texture further and try and expand the materials that I use, I think that this way of working could have some really interesting looking results!

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