Wednesday, 13 January 2016

OUIL405 - Experimenting With Ways of Making Pictures

I decided to look at what kind of 'look' I wanted my book to have. I really enjoyed using shape and texture in other modules and definitely wanted to explore this area of image-making more. 
Watercolour Pencils
I really liked working with watercolour pencils. I found it easy to control the colour and really liked how things looked once you'd brushed over the pencils with water. The only thing I didn't like about these were that sometimes they did mess up and adding water to them was always a bit of a risk as theres no way of completely having control over how it's going to look. I also thought the images looked  a bit flat, having enjoyed working with shape and texture so much I felt as if this way of image making didn't have the same hand made feel too it as cut paper has. 

Shape and Texture Cut Paper
I really enjoy the process that goes into making these kinds of images, it's great to see everything come together as one from all these different pieces of cut paper. I really liked the textures that I'd created for the path and the green of the trees, all of it combined together has a more hand crafted feel too it and although quite simple I think that in context this kind of image making could work well. 

Although I enjoyed the overall look and process behind using shape and texture to create images, I was really draw to some of the elements of the watercolour pencil drawings that I did. I liked how the ferns looked and how the water can kind of make the trees and plants look more natural rather than stiff, solid shapes. I'm still not sure what kind of media and way of image making I would like to use for my picture book so I think I'm going to spend some more time experimenting with both methods and also seeing whether I can combine the two. 

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