Tuesday, 12 January 2016

OUIL405 - Otley Chevin Forest Picture Book Ideas

After I'd completed the visual journal task, I sat down to have a think about what possible stories could emerge from the research I had done. Ones that particularly struck a chord with me were:

  • Carrots Day Out - This story would explore the day that Carrot the dog had in the forest. It would be looking at the world from his view point or possibly from my viewpoint and documenting the time we spent with Carrot and watching how he behaved and reacted to different things around him.
  • Scarf for a Tree - I thought this was quite a sweet little idea, I imagined it to start with a huddle of old ladies sat around with biscuits and tea knitting. The wool scarf that they were knitting would then wind and weave around trees and plants in the forest before finally ending up on the tree that I found them on.
  • Throne in a Forest - I wanted to explore the idea of the forest coming alive at night and having some kind of leader, possibly an animal or deity of some kind. I'm not really sure on anything else about this story, it would definitely have needed further development.
  • Ruins - I really liked the idea of doing a kind of time lapse story book which would show the ruins being reclaimed by the Earth and the plants and trees. As each page went on the ruins would become less and less visible, gradually being taken back by the Earth. 
  • Chevin History - This idea is a little bit cliché but I think if it was executed professionally and with a high level of craft it could work really nicely. This story is based around the idea of one little path running continuously throughout the entire book with different people from all of the different areas of history walking along it, in effect telling the story of the Chevin and the people who walked through it before us. 
After a discussion with Matt, I decided it would be best to go with the idea of Chevin History. I was worried about it being bit too cliché and not really an original idea as such, to counter this I want to really push myself to make a well-crafted, nicely illustrated book that can explore and show the Chevin's history unlike it has been before.

  • Choose what kind of book I want to make
  • Experiment with image making. How can I best produce illustrations for my book? 
  • More research into the history of the Chevin
  • Develop roughs of my book 
  • Create a story board for my book

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