Thursday, 21 January 2016

OUIL405 - Falling at the Last Hurdle (A.K.A Why You Should Always Go To Indesign Sessions)

This is going to be a short post just so that I have something to look back on and to remind myself that I NEED TO GO TO THINGS LIKE INDESIGN SESSIONS.
I had managed to get my book layed out correctly, at the right size and everything BUT my problem came when I saved the file wrong. After getting to the Digital Print Room I was told that I hadn't saved my file right and that my image was going to be printed at quite a low quality. This is because I didn't save my InDesign file as a package meaning that the links between my images and the InDesign file, resulting in quite crappy quality if I'm honest. And like the idiot I am I didn't think to put the original images on my memory stick so I was faced with either printing a low quality book or not printing a book at all.
I ended up printing my book and am taking this fairly big mistake as a learning curve rather than getting myself too wound up about it. I now know what I need to do when saving InDesign files and will be better prepared for next time. I'm going to have to hand in a piece of work that I'm not very proud of but it's better than handing in nothing at all.

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