Thursday, 14 January 2016

OUIL405 - Book Size and Layout

I decided to make a concertina book, mostly because it would be more practical to have the timeline of the Chevin running across one long image. I also think that there are a few more creative possibilities when dealing with one long image, layout is not as restricted, you have more than just one page to work with.

I took inspiration from my Artist Case Study of In The Garden by Emily Rand and started to cut into the different pages of my book. I wanted the book to run upwards in a diagonal line, as if it was the edge of a hill. The Chevin is on the top of a hill so I thought this was pretty fitting to my location. I'd previously discussed with Matt the idea of using different coloured sheets of green paper but I'm not entirely sure that this would work. I think it might over complicate my book and make it too busy for the reader to look at. I used this mock up book to start to roughly plan my pages and figure out where I wanted everything to go. From here I developed some smaller rough sketches and a proper timeline in my sketchbook so I could make decent roughs of each page which I could then develop into my final images. 


  • Front Page/Page 1 - Start of Forest and path
  • Page 2 - Bronze Age, little hut, arrowheads, path, character
  • Page 3 - Forest and path, antler on the ground (reference to research)
  • Page 4 - Iron Age, hut circle, heath, character
  • Page 5 and 6 - Just forest and path, maybe animals? Two pages of forest show time gap between Iron Age and Victorian Period
  • Page 7 - Victorian, White House Farm, refreshments sign, rambler/cyclist sat outside, reference to upsurge in tourism
  • Page 8 - Forest and path
  • Page 9 - Danefield Estate/Game Park, toll booth at the start of the path, exotic game amongst trees e.g. zebras, goats, wild pigs, axis deer
  • Page 10 - Forest and path
  • Page 11 - 1900's, tree's felled for war effort, maybe characters of wood cutters? 
  • Page 12 - 1950's, trees being replanted/growing back
  • Page 13 - The forest today, full size A5 page, add small details from my trip e.g. Carrot the dog, the wooden throne, little characters of me and my boyfriend Matt. 
Quick Storyboard of Pages - to be developed into
more detailed roughs to work from at a later stage. 

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