Tuesday, 29 December 2015

OUIL404 - Shape

This week we were looking at shape. The task asked us to explore shape and produce 3 portraits of 3 different people in a nice outfit. We needed to consider how to create shape and what different materials and tools we could use and manipulate to create our illustrations. 
"Minimal and dynamic results come from flat colour, hard graphic edges, and a minimal aesthetic. Often used in a commercial context because of its universal and immediate visual function" 
"People see more, when they see less."

I had a quick play around with shape using some posca paint pens, I found they were really great to use to start getting my head around shape because they are really thick, bold colours. I made a few little patterns and some other doodles trying to stick to using shape and minimal line work. 

Funky Socks - Cut Paper and minimal line drawing
Patterned Scarf - Cut Paper and minimal line drawing
Winter Hat - Cut Paper and minimal line drawing
Bikini girl - Cut Paper and minimal line drawing
I was really dreading this task to begin with, I'm a lot more used to creating work that has a lot of hand drawn detail and minimalistic shape wasn't something I'd ever experimented with before. I ended up really really enjoying this task, it was really fun to sketch out different designs and illustrations and then cut all the bits of paper down and fix them all together. From this task I learnt that shape can be used in a dynamic way to create really ineresting, fun pieces. I think if I was to work with shape again I'd definitely try and push myself to create more complex patterns, to see whether this works as well as the more simple minimalistic images and patterns that I created. I'm really looking forward to using shape again, I feel that I could incorporate this quite nicely into my studio practice and also the personal work that I complete at home. 

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