Wednesday, 13 January 2016

OUIL405 - Artist Case Study - In The Garden by Emily Rand

I've seen Emily Rand's book 'In The Garden' before possibly at Colours May Vary or another shop which I've visited. I rediscovered this book while researching for this project and instantly fell in love with the colours and textures and the overall shape of this book. Rand has cut the paper so that different pages are different shapes and sizes. When the book is shut this gives the work more depth, overlapping layers of images creating a garden scene. When looking through the book each page looks like a different row of hedges, I think the way she's used the shape of the pages to enhance her illustrations is really clever and interesting. It gives the reader a different experience to just reading a standard sized and shaped book and also compliments her illustrations. I really love the textures and mark making that Rand has used to create different bushes and plants without having to use a harsh outline, the different bush illustrations flow into each other naturally, without getting to complicated or messy. I think the colours used really compliment each other, sticking to a basic palette of greens works well. This approach to image making and the way Rand has changed the shapes of her pages has really inspired me to look at how I can apply this kind of thing to my own work and has also helped me to decide what kind of book I'd like to make and how I want it too look.

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