Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Further Research into Isolated Cities


. Founded in 1925
. Population as of 2013 - 452
. Ittoqqortoormiit means 'Big House Dwellers' in Eastern Greenlandic Dialect
. Known for it's wildlife including polar bears, muskoxen, seals and arctic foxes
. Midnight Sun - through the summer months the sun doesn't go down and stays in the sky all day and all night. In the winter however, the sun disappears entirely. The locals celebrate the return of the light on January 13th.
. Northern Lights are visible from Ittoqqortoormiit


. The worlds northernmost town
. Founded in 1906 
. Population as of 2013 - 2,075
. Snow typically covers the ground from November to May 
. Experiences midnight sun from April 19th to August 23rd
. Experiences polar night from 27th October to 14th February although the sun is not visible until early March due to shadow from mountains
. It is illegal to die in Longyearbyen because the bodies don't decompose, they are perfectly preserved because of the permafrost. 
. Home to the Global Seed Vault, an underground store of the worlds plant seeds that are kept safe there in case of global catastrophe

La Rinconda
. Highest elevation human habitation in the world 
. Population as of 2012 - 50,000
. La Rinconda translates to "The Corner of Nowhere"
. To get there from Peruvian capital Lima, you would need to travel over 774 miles and ascend more than 16,000 feet
. One of Peru's biggest gold mines is located nearby with 30,000 inhabitants making a living from digging for gold or carrying gold ore from the mine to the town
. No plumbing or sanitation, very little electricity


. Population as of 2010 - 208 
. Located in the Grand Canyon 
. 8 miles from the nearest road
. Most remote location in the 48 lower states 
. Only way to get to Supai is by taking a helicopter or ride a mule along the Havasupai Trail. 
. Within the Havasupai tribal lands

I'm starting to wonder whether or not this theme is more to do with remote locations rather than places that are isolated. I don't think there's too much difference but I think I'm still going down the right route. I might have a look at some other places that are quite remote/isolated and make a note of them just incase I want to change one of the locations, I'm bit worried about Longyearbyen and Ittoqqortoormiit looking a bit too similar. 

Back-up locations: 
. Hanga Roa, Easter Island
. Tristan da Cuhna
. Saint Helena
. Foula
. Village of Gasadalur, Faroe Islands
. Ellioaey Island

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