Tuesday, 15 March 2016

OUIL404 - Composition - Colour, Value and Notan

This session introduced us to colour, value and notan

What role does value play in planning composition?
A major factor in a pictures 'mood' is the overall value we give the picture (the key)

How can we use values to focus attention on certain information?
Our eye tends to focus on areas where there are the greatest contrast of values, this is because objects become more conspicuous when placed next to a value that contrasts with their own

According to the handout, what are the most commonly used value plans? How many values does it recommend you use in a picture?
Light against dark, dark against light, dark and halftone against light, light and dark against halftone. The handout recommends you use three or four basic values in a picture.

Wear pallettes
Select and outfit from your wardrobe, wear it, photograph yourself in it
Make a colour scheme from that outfit

This task would have been really easy if my wardrobe didn't consist of only black/grey clothes. Im not one for wearing a lot of colour and really wanted to try and create these colour schemes using a variety of colours rather than just black and grey. I decided to photograph a section of a scarf and make a colour scheme from that instead.

Even though this task was quite simple I really enjoyed it. It showed me how I could create colour schemes and that I can take pictures of things that i like or that have nice colours and make colour schemes from that. This is a really good way of picking and choosing colours as sometimes I end up taking ages trying to find the right shade/tone for some things and this would allow me to do all of that before starting my work and making sure the colours work together. I'm really hoping I can start enjoying using colour more and find a way of working with it that I'm happy and comfortable with. 

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