Monday, 7 March 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - Feedback from Crit

Points from feedback sheet:
. Great idea and roughs, visual thinking
. White lines on fill colour background
. Make your line quality reflect the wobbly hand drawn nature of your drawings
. Use of solid fill for certain shapes
. Use different visual devices to differentiate each place

Peer review:
. I think most people preferred the portrait layout that I had gone for
. Some people thought the second lot of roughs communicated isolation more because of the depth of the image, it felt like it was moving backwards rather than just being flat like the first set of roughs.
. Some people thought the first set of roughs didn't communicate isolation as well as the second. They said that in the second lot of roughs it felt like there was nothing around the cities but in the first set, the next city along could have been just out of frame.

What do I think?
. I'm still not really sure which set of roughs I want to go with, I feel like they both work well for different reasons. I suck at decision making.
. Lines on a solid background sounds interesting, I hadn't thought of creating my images this way and am quite excited about experimenting with this idea to see how things would look. It'd be nice to create a set of postcards that still had a hand drawn quality to them.
. Using shape could still be interesting as well though, but I think it might make the images a lot busier than they need to be.

To Do Next:
. Sketch out a few new roughs, developing a few things that have been pointed out today
. Think about how I can differentiate each place, making mountains different, piece of gold
. Take onto illustrator and maybe just crop down to a small section and see which works better, lines or shapes?
. Once I've sorted that out, lets look at colours and then move onto Illustrator

Also need to check out stuff for 404 and make sure thats okey dokey.

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