Monday, 14 March 2016

OUIL404 - Collage and Ephemera

This session asked us to look at college and in turn create a collaged poster for an imaginary event. I was excited to start this as I'd had a pile of old bits and pieces building up that I was hoping to collage with but never got around too so I started off this task by playing around with bits of that and some scanned images from books in the library.

I'm not entirely sure where I was heading with some of these but I quite like most of the outcomes, especially the 'Just Go' collage, I think my images and composition was considered a bit more while I was laying that one out. I also like the one with the birds nest and the hands, I'm not sure why, i just think the image work quite well together.

I decided I was going to do a 'Missing Cat' poster for my final piece. I wanted to make it kind of funny and light hearted and I'd printed out loads of butterfly pictures so decided to centre my piece around a flying cat.

My type layout for this was fairly shoddy but I think the main focus is the image. I like that it's pretty funny and light hearted, probably not the best collage but hey, I gave it a shot! I'd be interested in looking into collage some more and experimenting with a more anarchic style, I think collages would be a good medium to use when making zines and low-budget posters etc. They've got a real handmade feel to them and this in turn gives them more character than just a flat image. 

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