Tuesday, 15 March 2016

OUIL404 - Composition - Depth and Line of Sight

This session introduced us to depth and line of sight within our compositions

What do we mean by depth in an image? How can this be achieved?
Depth is the illusion of distance or a third dimension - overlap things - draw objects smaller as they get further away

What is line of sight?
The direction in which our eye moves over an image

What does line of sight do for your composition?
Line should always lead to viewer so that he will see/feel the things you want him too

Create an A4 Portrait fan art poster
Consider frame, depth, viewpoint, line of sight (if not all then at least one)
2 colour screen print

I was so excited to start this little task, I love creating work around bands/films that I like and usually the drawings I do for myself at  home have a link to song lyrics, bands and movie characters that I like. I also really enjoy screen printing and been in the print rooms in general so I was really happy to get back at that again!

I started off with a few sketches of ideas that popped into my head focusing around The Front Bottoms, Mac Demarco, Donnie Darko, Jurassic Park and Pans Labyrinth. I really liked the top left idea on the right page, The Front Bottoms are magic and I've been wanted to create something based around them for quite a while. 

I sketched my idea out at A4 size to see how everything would look together. I tried to focus on using the frame to my advantage, leaving part of the wolf out of frame to show that the viewer would be stood close to the wolf, almost looking over its shoulder. I also wanted to overlap my two colours to make the trees in the background darker and in turn look further away. This design was based of a song called Wolfman, one of my favourite songs by the band and thats why the focus is on a wolf howling at the moon.
I had to play around with cut paper a little bit to try and figure out what was going to go on the two different positives,  where things would overlap, and how things were going to fit together. This helped massively, I find it quite hard sometimes to go from a line drawing to shapes of colour, and to try and figure out where I wanted colour printing, where things will overlap and where I want there to be white space. After this I was able to move onto creating my positives. 

These are my two positives, drawn in chinagraph pencil. wanted to add texture to my work and give it a hand drawn quality. I'm still not the biggest fan of working with flat colour, or colour at all in all honesty but I though this would be a good way of adding texture, colour and giving the image a hand drawn quality. 

I decided to use a blue and grey/purple colour for my screen print, I thought the lightness and darkness would really compliment each other and work well when overlapping to create to forest outline. I was pretty happy with how my screen print turned out, I really like the texture created from the chinagraph pencil and also think the colours work well together. I struggled a bit with my registration so some prints are aligned correctly but mostly they aligned ok. The biggest struggled was screen printing with three people on the same screen. This made it stupidly hard to move around, to apply the right amount of pressure and resulted in some really crap quality prints. Even though it was difficult we all worked well to try and help each other out when things weren't going right and worked quickly and efficiently to get the task done! Next time I would say it would be a lot better if there wasn't as many people to a screen, I think it would have been okay to print with two to a screen but three was a bit too much and made the whole process more frustrating than it already can be. 

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