Monday, 14 March 2016

OUIL404 - 3D & Lens

I did not enjoy this task one bit.
Not at all.
Not even a tiny bit.
This sucked and because i wasn't keen on it my outcome sucked too.

I've never been a fan of 3D work, I think it looks cool and can be executed amazingly but for me, it just isn't something I'm interested in creating. Maybe thats because I haven't found the kind of 3D illustration that suits me yet, who knows. I also did this task ridiculously last minute, I was so busy with other work that this task just took a back seat, ending to an awful end product.

I often find myself wishing i had more than one set of hands due to my crappy time-keeping and lack of organisation, so I decided to make myself some spare hands to help me with my work! These ended up just being made out of paper and painted with posca pens, I had nothing else to craft from and had left it so last minute I couldn't go out and buy anything. Another reason I put off this task is because I did not want to have my photo taken looking like an idiot and have it shown in front of everyone else, I'm stupidly self-conscious so to have to show myself to other people like this makes me feel like an idiot, I'm not even comfortable with it being on my blog really but what can I do.

3D is not the one for me, not yet anyway. Maybe I'll find some other way of integrating 3D and Lens into my practice, I've been quite interested in the idea of ceramics for a while so maybe thats a route I could possibly go down.

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