Tuesday, 15 March 2016

OUIL404 - Composition - Frame

The session introduced us to the consideration of frame and how we use it within our compositions.

How can we place importance on certain information within the frame?
By looking at size and location we can change the importance of visual information (Bigger = more importance)

What are the benefits of overlapping objects in your composition and how is this best achieved?
Overlapping can help us express our picture idea more directly. By partly concealing secondary objects through overlapping, we can make important ones more prominent.

What role does the frame play in composing visual information within your image?
Creates balance - dont centre everything - remember the rules of composition in the handout are useful but not necessarily right, sometimes you may have to break these rules.

Plan and design a single image that includes you, an elephant and a butterfly
Roughs - Pencil
Final - Black ink and brush

I experimented with a few different compositions, I really wanted to emphasise the size of the elephant  and how small me and the butterfly were in comparison. I ended up choosing the bottom composition on the left page, I thought it was most effective in conveying the size as the elephant because apart from its feet, the elephant is completely out of frame, showing how large it is in comparison to the other elements of the image which are all fully within frame, highlighting their small size. 

I tried a few different variations of the composition that I'd chosen which mainly focused on moving the character further out of frame so that you could only see her head looking up. I ended up going back to my original idea, where the character is fully in the frame as this shows how tiny she is compared to the elephant a lot clearer than it does when she is out of frame. 

This was my final image. I'm really happy with how this turned out, the elephant looks huge compared to the girl and the butterfly, towering over her as she looks up. This task has really helped me to see how you can use the frame to emphasis the messages within your image and how to use the frame to the full advantage.

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