Monday, 7 March 2016

OUIL406 Visual Communication - First Set of Roughs

I created my first set of roughs based off the original idea that I had for this theme. The postcards are meant to represent isolation and for this I've tried to make the cities/towns really small with more emphasis on the landscape that surrounds them. I think this could work quite well because it really does emphasise my theme. In some of the roughs the towns are bigger than I would want them to be but once I take them onto illustrator i can really focus on shrinking them down to a size that I am happier with.

La Rinconada

I think I'm most happy with how the roughs for Ittoqqortoormiit and La Rinconada turned out, all of my roughs represent isolation but I feel like these two work best. I'm sure once I've taken them onto Illustrator and managed to shrink the towns/houses down then they will all look fairly better as a whole. 

My next step will be to develop another set of roughs, just so I can see if there's a better way of communicating isolation or a better way to compose my images as a whole.

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