Thursday, 4 May 2017

Chapter Illustrations - Development

I've begun to develop one of my iamges on Photoshop. I'm using the Kyle Webster Goache brushes as the basis of my image, I like the texture that it gives feel that they make the colours really pop. I experimented with creating a ring around the crystal ball to make it stand out more but felt that this was too harsh and didnt fit with the overall aesthetic of my work so far. I also tried inverting the iamge and I thought that maybe a dark background and lighter hands could work but I then felt like the image was a bit too over powering. I tried changing the colour of the stars aswell but felt it wasn't as consistent as my original colour choice.

I've managed to create three images that will be okay to show in the crit, I'm quite happy with how they're turning out but hope to get some constructive criticism that can help me push my project and my illustrations to the next level.

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