Friday, 5 May 2017

Feedback From Crit

The crit today was really overwhelming. Everyones produced so much good work! I feel like I only have myself to blame for the lack of work I've produced so far, I really shouldn't have messed around with deciding on a theme/context for so long. I feel like this has put me at a huge disadvantage but I'm eager to get working on my illustrations some more! The feedback I got proved useful, I got positive feedback on my colour scheme, consistent style and strong shape based approach. I also got feedback that has helped me think more about my context. People suggested I apply my imagery to bags/pins/patches which I really like the idea of. I was thinking this could be something I consider as part of a promotional package for the re-release of the book. 

Some other feedback I got was to make the blade of the knife shape based as a pose to just a line drawing as this would further the consistency of the images. It was also suggested that I add some texture into the illustrations to give them some more depth and character. It was also nice to hear that even though I'm focusing more on shape based imagery, my tone of voice and personality is still conveyed through the illustrations. I've avoided shaped based imagery before and digital software for the fear that it would take away some of the character that my practice contains so its a relief to here that it stills exists even when I'm working more with shape. 

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