Thursday, 4 May 2017

New Ways of Working

Recently I've started working in more of a digital format. I bought some of the Kyle Webster photoshop brushes and have been borrowing the Wacom tablets from uni to experiment more with a digital media. At the start of this year I had very little experience working with digital media, it wasn't something that I was confident working in at all and a lot of the time it was something I'd purposely afford working with as I feel that sometimes through digital media you can use some of the hand-rendered quality and personality that you get when creating illustrations using analogue media.
The Photoshop brushes I bought have helped me get over that though, the amounts of different textures and lines you can get to create different aesthetics is great, it's showing me that I can use digital media to create work without loosing personality through the digitisation of my images. I feel like this is something that I can start to combine with my practice more and more, I'm really enjoying the process and feel that it is adding another level of professionalism to my work.

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