Monday, 24 April 2017

Chapter Illustrations - Roughs

I've started to make roughs for the chapters that I selected. I've decided to scrap the idea of doing a pattern for the end pages and add another chapter illustration in, I feel it fits better in the given context and I also didn't want to overcrowd my book with a lot of different imagery in too many different places. Before I started drawing anything, I knew I wanted the illsutrations to be spot images but wanted soemthing that pulled them all together and kept them in form. I decided to take influence from sacred geometry and began to incorporate geometric elements of linework into my designs. I feel that it's important that I keep these illustrations consistent when I come to drawing them digitally. I want to make sure that the colour scheme is cohesive, and also that the application of colour is cohesive across all five illustrations. My next step is to move onto developing these digitally and figuring out my colour choice.

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