Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Grown Up Chocolate Company - Existing Packaging Analysis

The Grown Up Chocolate Companies current uses playful colours, bold typography, and black and white photography to portray their brand message and identity. The main colour used is usually a vibrant pink colour, and this is maintained across a lot of their product packaging and throughout their website. They also expand the colours on some of the packaging to reflect the chocolate bar that the packaging is for, for example salted caramel has caramel coloured type and fruit and not has a red/brown colour type. This is something we could possible touch on when looking at developing our own ideas for the personalised packaging. 

Alongside the typography and colour, the other most prominent part of the current branding is the black and white photographs of children pretending to be adults. This enhances the idea that the chocolates are not for children and that kids will do anything to get their hands on the product, including dressing up as adults. 

All in all, the current branding is quite simple, I think it stands out from other available brands as it uses a white background and bold, bright coloured typography where as a lot of other brand use richer colours such as purpler, red and gold. Even though the branding is simple, it still sits together well and works across a variety of formats which is important when creating a brand identity. I think one of the main challenges for us is going to be keeping our design cohesive with their current branding whilst still standing out from other submissions. 

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