Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Grown Up Chocolate Company - Applied Illustration Packaging Research


The Teavana branding uses a strong cohesive colour palette and shaped based playful illustrations to create s strong brand identity, that perfectly suits their audience. The colours used here indicate a natural, clean tea, something that will be healthy for you and your body as well as being something that is a natural product. The illustrations applied to the packaging are shaped based, simple and playful with an effective use of the colour palette to pull together the different designs. 


Kallo's branding and packaging is another example of how effective illustration and colour can be in provoking a natural, handmade feeling. The colours used throughout are muted, earthy tones which when applied to the off-white bag creates a handmade, natural image which links to the whole food ethics of the brand. The illustrations are once again simple and shape based, but have more of a handmade quality too them and almost resemble lino cut imagery which I think could be a strong point when looking at creating a more personal, home made feel. 

Folksgaga Liquor

Swedish distillery Folsgaga used popular folk talks from Sweden illustrated with bold, shape based imagery to appeal to a broader market whilst also maintaining their rich, nordic roots. Once again I think that the colours used really add to the imagery and I think as I go through this research I'm learning that a cohesive colour palette is important when creating a range of products. I also like how the wrap around label of the bottle has been slightly modified to represent mountains, which links to Sweden's mountainous landscape, little tweaks like this can be really affective and tie a branding together perfectly. 

Aroma Mediterranea

The Aroma Mediterranea soap packaging combines a clear, graphic aesthetic with hand rendered illustrations to create a professional yet hand finished product. Another strong point to this packaging is the opportunity to expand the illustrations off of the product, this is something we could look into when thinking about how to construct the Grown Up Chocolate Company's landing page and how we can use the illustrative aspect of our designs in a web based format. 

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