Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Monotype Experiments

I've really enjoyed working with monotype, it's definitely a way of printmaking that I think runs parallel to my natural way of image making. I enjoy drawing, it's my go to way of creating an image, i'm not so into shape and stuff, I prefer line and marks and texture so for me monotype is a great way to try and replicate that. The only thing that's a bit annoying is that sometimes I'm not putting enough talc on the ink and once I've drawn everything out I'll pick the paper up and I'll have way too much ink on the image and the illustration just ends up getting lost.

At the minute I'm a bit stuck as to wether to continue down this route and see how I can make this work for me OR wether to play more with lino as aI also quite like the process of image making using that method of printing. There's also the option to try and combine both of these print methods together. I'm going to carve some larger pieces of lino and then try and make a decision afterwards.

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