Friday, 2 December 2016

Stressed and Confused (as usual)

I think I'm having a small crisis. I'm not really sure how i want to print my final images and I feel like I've fallen behind bit. I'm really struggling to juggle uni and having a part time job at the minute and i feel like it's affecting the amount and quality of work I'm able to produce. Added to that my time plan has kind of gone to shit, I was planning on getting my images printed and done by the week after we split up for christmas but the print rooms shut now so I'm going to have to wait till after christmas to get those done. And then there's the whole animation brief that I still haven't started.

I think until we break up for christmas I'm just going to try and get as much printing done as I possibly can this week, experiment with textures and lino, and possibly have a look into doing some more screen printing towards the end of the week. That way I'll be able to scan a load of stuff in and then I'll have something to be working with over christmas. Also I want to buy some big square sheets of lino this week and get them carved, hopefully buy the end of next week. The animation brief is just going to have to be put on hold until christmas break while I try and organise myself.

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