Thursday, 15 December 2016

Large Scale Lino Prints

Two important things:
1 - These took a ridiculous amount of time to cut
2 - I didn't impale myself on a lino tool in the process (congrats to me)

All in  all I guess these turned out kind of okay! I'm really pleased with two in particular and think that after some tweaking all five designs could look pretty great as a set. I did mess up the bird on a mountain print a little, I think I'm going to have to try and sort that out on photoshop and if that doesn't go to plan it might be a case of receiving the lino and trying again with that one.

When I was printing I use the printing press for some of it and then hand burnished the rest of the prints. I really like the texture you get from hand burnishing lino prints, I think it just looks better than the flat black colour you get when using the printing press. If I develop these further I think I'd prefer to focus on the hand burnished prints and see how I can develop them rather than the others.

Still not sure whether I want to mono print or lino print for my finals, we'll see what get's said in the crit and then I'll have to make a decision.

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