Sunday, 29 November 2015

OUIL405 Visual Narratives - One Week Book Screen Printing and Final

Washing our screen out

Setting up our screen on the bed

First Colour

Having screen printed before I was quite excited to get back too it. I find that screen printing is a really clean and professional looking way of producing images, and can also offer the chance for experimenting and for some unexpected results in terms of offset printing and experimenting with colours and overlapping colours. 

I was really pleased with the final outcome of our book, I think that the colours work really nicely together and that the different styles of everyones work really add a unique, hand made feel to the book. 
From this little brief I have learnt how to work quickly and manage and organise my time. I have also learnt how to work better in a group and although I am quite shy I feel this has helped me develop my confidence in my work and in myself a little bit, I feel like I'd be quite happy to work as part of a group again. I think you have to commit yourself to a group project a lot more than you'd probably comment to work that you're completing yourself, mostly because everyone has their own role and responsibility and it's your job to complete these tasks so as not to let the group down. 
I also learnt that when screen printing I need to be really careful to make sure that the lines on the positive are solid black. There were a few issues with my illustration as some of the lines didn't come through clearly on the print which meant some of my illustration is missing. Apart from this I  am very happy with the final book and also with how well we managed to work as a group to produce our little book in the space of a week.

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