Monday, 16 November 2015

OUIL403 Visual Skills - Day In The Life Final Editorial Illustrations

Overall, I was quite pleased with my outcomes for this brief. I found it quite difficult to engage with the article as it was something that I had a neutral position on. This meant I was aiming to produce work which showed a neutral stance. I don't think any of the illustrations give an extreme view to either a negative or positive stance you could have on my article, which allows the reader to make up their own mind. 

What I did well: 
  • Kept the illustrations neutral; they didn't influence the way the reader would look at the article
  • Communicated the topic of the article clearly/concept is clear
  • Used the space I had to work with well 
  • Kept the illustrations simple and clear

What I could improve on: 
  • I think I could have developed the illustrations more. During the final crit for this brief I was told that the Illustrations looked quite rushed and unfinished. 
  • I should have experimented with different ways of making the illustrations, whether this be collage, cut paper, computer rendered etc
  • Initial research into the topic of the article would have helped and would probably have helped me engage with the article a bit more

What I'd do differently: 
  • Plan and manage my time better in order to be able to fully experiment and develop ideas that I have had 
  • Be braver when it comes to experimentation! I get quite scared that by using new mediums I'm not going to be able to produce work that looks 'good' because I'm unfamiliar with the materials I'm using. I really feel like this limits the work I am able to produce and would like to push myself in this area and try work outside of my comfort zone a little bit
  • I'd have liked to have added a little more depth to my work by using different shades of pink. This would have still stuck to the mandatory requirements of the brief but would have allowed me to add more detail and depth to my work.

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