Monday, 16 November 2015

OUIL403 - Do Judge A Book By Its Cover Final

Overall I was really pleased with the way my book cover turned out. I felt that overall it communicated my concept clearly as well as looking quite effective and I personally would say it's at least a slight improvement on the original cover of the book. Although I didn't experiment with as much material and processes as I probably should have done, I really felt that using fineliner was the best route for me to go down with this brief as it's a material that I am comfortable working with and that I know can create different textures and quality of line when used efficiently. 

What I did well: 
  • I think that the quality of the book cover is quite high. I'd say that I spent a sufficient amount of time making and drawing this cover and I am quite pleased with the look of the end result. 
  • I was pleased with myself for drawing things that initially came to my head after mind mapping and researching. I usually leave the creative aspect of a brief until I am set on an idea but I tried to draw around my theme for this brief so that I could see my progress and let the initial drawings that I did develop into better ideas
  • Experimented with my chosen design. I'm glad that I spent some time developing the rough that I had chosen and making little mini book covers. This really helped me to see what the final book cover was like and allowed me to find what worked and what didn't work in terms of layout and design. 
What I could improve on: 
  • I feel like i could have taken more time when it came to looking at what kind of typeface to use and how I would lay this out. I didn't see this as an 'interesting'' part of the brief so brushed it aside a little but I understand that type is important and that I should consider it more.
  • I feel like I could have developed the spine of the book a little more. This is usually the first part of a book that someone will see and I think it's the part that I focused on the least. 
What I'd do differently: 
  • Make full sized mock-ups, some of my measurements were a little off which led to me having to make a few copies of the final book cover
  • Explore colour more and see how this can be used to communicate a concept or how it can enhance an existing image
  • Spend more time looking at and developing type. Consider layout and size as well as choice of typeface



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