Sunday, 29 November 2015

OUIL405 Visual Narratives - One Week Book Development

I found working as part of a group quite difficult, mainly due to my quiet nature and also my lack of confidence in my work and my ideas. Although it was difficult for me to gather the confidence to have a larger input into group discussion and decision making, I found that overall we were working quickly and efficiently as a group, and quickly had an idea to make a book that was based around the people that we had seen and spoken to around Leeds. 
I was given the task of illustrating the florist, which I was quite happy about as I like drawing flowers and this gave me a bit of an excuse to draw some plants. 

Chosen colour scheme - Orange and Turquoise

I really pushed myself to try and work in the chosen colours and to use pencil crayon to draw my Illustration but I was continuously disappointed with the work I was producing. I decided to stick to using a pencil and then work out where the different colours would be afterwards. This meant i could produce an Illustration that I was pleased with and then go to think about colours. 

Final Illustration
My final Illustration was drawn from the photo we took of the Florist in the market, I then added a table of flowers to the bottom and a market stall to the top of the page, this type of layout was consistent through the majority of the book, with the exception of the chestnut man who was across a double page spread. 

Overall I was quite pleased with my final illustration and was excited to take this to the group and put everyones work together so we could start to get a sense of what the book would look like as a finished piece. 

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