Sunday, 29 November 2015

OUIL405 Visual Narratives - One Week Book Initial Group Research

For the start of this task we were given the task of adventuring off into Leeds to do some visual research with our groups, with the aim of being able to go back to the studio with research to make a picture book from. 
Wilf in front of a statue

Crystals in the Crystal Shop

Crystals in the Crystal Shop

Flowers in the Market


Drink at Whitelocks

Fancy Dress 

Fancy Dress

View from top of car park

View from top of car park


Crystal Shop:
"Clear Quartz is very popular, it's tactile, very relaxing"
"You need Aquamarine - you need to be strong and courageous" - Emma, shop owner
"Aquamarine is soothing, calming and cleansing, it inspires trust and letting go" 
"Moonstone is calming and can be very effective in soothing emotions"

Fish Monger 
"The people make Leeds, it's middle class but it has working class roots. It's working class done good."

(What do you hate about Leeds?) "The smack heads"

Egg Lady
"I don't like much about Leeds but we won't go into that"

Chestnut Man 
" My great grandfather started the business" "It's good to be out in the fresh air and adding to the festive atmosphere

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