Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Book of Fortune Telling - Agnes M.Miall

I've been struggling with the context part of this module but I think I've finally found it. I was looking for something to read at home the other day and I found this book that used to be my grandma's. It's really old, and the cover is very 90's BUT it's all about fortune telling and different ways to tell fortunes. Since I've been looking at the occult and divination I thought this book would be perfect for me to base my 505 project around. It would allow me to explore the different themes and ideas that I've already had whilst providing a strong context for my work to sit within.

I geuss I've gone back to working within the adult publishing section, something that I moved away from previously because I was fed up of working around books. After having some time away from this kind of work, I remember how much I enjoyed working around texts and books in 504 and I also really enjoyed working on the penguin brief for Responsive. I was put off adult publishing to begin with because I didn't think I'd be able to find something I wanted to work with but I'm quite happy with the idea of work around the book that I've found.

As a intial idea, I was thinking I could create a new cover design for the book and then propose to accompany this with 4 illustrations that would accompany the start of different chapters. I was also thinking I could create a pattern to go on the end pages of the book. These are all things that I can propose and specify when I get round to re-doing the Project Proposal. I went through all the chapters and have highlighted the ones that I am interested in working on. 

- Foreword
- Reading Your Hand
- In Which Month Were You Born?
- The Man For You 
- How To Cast A Horoscope 
- What Do The Cards Say
- Your Name And Number
- What Your Handwriting Reveals 
- 'Bumps' And Face Fortunes
- Dreams And Destiny
- Crystal Gazing
- Divining By Sand
- Dice Decisions
- Deductions From Dominoes
- Your Fortune In The Fire
- The Five Physical Types
- Knife Prophecies
- Sense From Scribbles
- Teacup Fortunes
- You Can Be Lucky 
- The Luck Of Precious Stones 
- Bridal Luck
- The Luck And Meanings Of Christian Names
- Something About Surnames
- Some Surnames And Their Meanings 

I've looked at a few of the chapters and had a quick read of some of the chapters I might be interested in, I think I'm going to write my Project Proposal next so I have a clear plan to follow and then make a final decision on which chapters I want to illustrate for, what I want to do for the cover and what I'd like to do for the pattern for the end pages. I also think I'd like to add my illustrations onto product as an accompany feature to the book. 

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