Saturday, 15 April 2017

Change of Plan.... Again

I've done the unthinkable and decided to change my project again. Although this might not be the best decision I've made considering there isn't long till deadline, I feel that its the right one to make right now. There were a few problems with my Baba Yaga theme that were proving difficult to work around.

1 - There was no context
- As much as I tried to put this into context, I just couldn't find anything that had any substance behind it. Yeah, I could have applied my illustrations to a wide variety of things but I want to create something thats got more structure and meaning behind it. I feel that moving on to create something that has a solid context is important, after all, this module is more about the strength of the context rather than the process and creation of the actual illustrations.

2 - I wasn't enjoying it
- I think I was pulled in by the idea of how cool Baba Yaga's hut could have looked as a print, and decided too quickly that I'd be able to create a whole collection of images based around her. As much as she's an interesting character, I've not been able to find out that much more about her and my work is lacking in substance and research. Additionally, I followed this route because I wanted to create something magical and a little spooky, this isn't really whats happening at the minute and I feel I'd be more productive if I just found something that'd allow me to create the kinds of images I want to make.

3 - I left it alone for too long
I've spent some time away from this module because I've been catching up with other things in preparation for upcoming deadlines and to be honest, I'm bored of it and I've come to dislike all the images that I was making. I just don't want to work on it anymore, and even though it might put me behind abit, I feel that changing to something else that I really enjoy and that I'm interested in will help me be motivated enough to get the work finished.

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