Friday, 7 April 2017

The Batsford Prize - I Forgot To Submit

Right, so basically, life got on top of me bit recently in terms of things going on inside and outside of uni. Due to this my head and my time management have been all over the place and I managed to forget to submit to Batsford. I am a little annoyed about this as I would have liked to submit my work but it's my own fault that I forgot the submission date. I'm still happy with my outcome and happy with my research and reasoning behind my outcome.

I think I do need to be bit more effective with my time management but at the same time, compared to last year I'm doing a lot better at juggling things so to have one minor slip up isn't that awful. Anyhow, I mocked up my final image just to put it into context and show how it could've been presented had I submitted it.

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