Thursday, 20 October 2016

Looking At Briefs


- These briefs seem really professional and also terrifying. They seem to focus quite heavily around graphic design or web design or animation/moving image, none of which I'd be fine with doing on my own so maybe these briefs are a good opportunity for collaboration.

- Definitely interested in the Fur For Animals brief. This is an area that I already have interest in so it'd be nice to apply my thoughts and feelings about animal welfare to an actual brief. I'm not really into the idea of working for some huge company/bank/amazon are awful so doing work for a charity is more my kind of thing.

- There's a lot of information to read up on in regards the actual briefs and terms and conditions and all that, I'll try bring myself up to speed with that a little bit after the next Responsive session we have. 

Cheltenham Illustration Awards

- Last years brief, Tales of Nonsense, sounded really fun and I was having a quick look at the book they put together of some of the entries and the range of illustration, approaches to the brief and practical techniques was so huge! So much cool work in one place!

- Kind of a more serious version of a usual studio brief, if that makes sense? There's a heavy focus on illustration rather than design which is great because that's what floats my boat. Brief is given, draw some nice pictures, hope for the best, have a great time. 

- Because there's such a wide range of illustration, it also feels like theres a massive amount of competition, which obviously there will be, but I think because I'm not such a confident person, this could put me off attempting some of the briefs, mainly through a fear of not being good enough, definitely feeling the pressure after seeing some of last years work for this. 

Secret 7"

- Love the idea that the contents of the vinyl is hidden from the buyer, whatever you designed for this brief would have to communicate so many different elements of the song in order to attract the right kind of people, and I think this could be a really interesting challenge, how do you communicate different types of sounds through imagery?

- Design based elements, but not super graphic design-y. A lot of the D&AD briefs i've been looking at seem to focus around graphic design or moving image, either of which things I feel like i'd be ready to tackle on my own so it's quite nice to find a brief that would allow me to focus on my own practice. 

- Variety of songs from 2016, even though there's only 7 to choose from there's a whole load of musical variety in there, very nice. 

I can easily see this becoming a very stressful and nerve-wracking module. How fun. 

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