Thursday, 13 October 2016


I've played around bit with pencil, ink and watercolour to see what'd work best for this brief. I was pretty keen on filling up the white space with a textured pencil background rather than just leaving my illustrations completely as spot images. People in my peer review session liked my ideas and I got good feedback on which direction I should go towards in regards how to create my final images.

I've decided to go with pencil and watercolour to create my finals, it's something I'm comfortable, and enjoy, working with. I look at different colour options and decided to go with a washed out pink/peach colour.

For the landscape and portrait images I was pretty much set on composition, I played around with the square image though to try and figure out if I could position the hands a bit better maybe. I decided to change it so it looked more like the hands were cupping the fawn and coming into the image from above, giving it a little bit of dimension rather than just leaving it as a flat image as though you were just looking at it from above.

I'm pretty happy with how these are turning out, I want to scan them into photoshop and adjust some of the levels and then I think I'll be done!

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