Friday, 14 October 2016

3 Illustrators Who Use Print Processes

Sophie Lécuyer

I was immediately drawn to Sophie's work due to her use of texture and her combination of traditional print processes and digital software to edit and bring together her illustrations. Her work is so beautiful! Through monotype and lino printing she creates these mystical illustrations that often have a dark undertone to them. I really love the ghost image that I've put in this blog post, the texture in the background adds a lot to the image rather than it being just a flat black background and the way she's managed to create the image of the ghost is crazy. I don't really understand how she manages to create these images but I'm utterly in love with them.

Harriet Lee-Merrion

I first saw Harriet's work in an episode of Oh Comely and was immediately drawn to it because of her heavily line based style. I quite like just working with lines to create images so it was nice to find an illustrator who was producing such lovely work without using loads of colour/shape etc. Harriet uses mono printing to produce some of her images and I think this could be a useful way for me to try making images as I enjoy drawing a lot more than painting/collaging and all that.

Adams Carvalho

I'm really into these images, not my usual thing, a lot bolder than work that I usually like but the block colours and the black work great together and all these girls looks so badass. Another reason I was drawn to these is because even though it only uses two flat colours, theres still a lot of detail and the image hasn't necessarily been stripped down to use shapes. I get bit worried about screen printing because it doesn't seem to work too well for me whenever I give it ago, especially when I'm working with finer lines and smaller details but I think taking an approach like this might work a little better for me.

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