Thursday, 13 October 2016

Initial Roughs and Feedback From Crit

I'm finding this whole visual metaphor thing pretty hard to get my head around, it's really hard to try and convey a message in a not so literal way and its been bogging me down a bit.

That said, I have got a few ideas down. I'm kind of running with the theme of environmental activism and Atwood's concern with the environment in her own life and in her work. I think I'm most drawn to this and it's easiest for me to work around this theme because it's something that interests me as well and I also enjoy illustrating natural forms and objects.

I think one of my strongest concepts so far is the how we as people have a false sense of ownership towards the planet, we treat the Earth as if we own it, as if it's ours when in reality were nothing but visitors, i anyone owns anything, the Earth owns us. This idea was definitely prompted by Atwood's continuing personification of nature and also from reading her poem "The Moment"

I've tried to explore Feminism, Oppression and Canadian Identity as well but the ideas aren't exactly pouring out for these themes.

I was under the impression that a lot of the ideas/images that I'd come up with were pretty shoddy and way too obvious but I was told that my "Fish Bag" idea was a strong idea to follow and I'm happy about this because personally it was my favourite. I was also told that the "Lady in the Birdcage" and the "Canadian Roots" ideas that I'd come up with were worth developing further.
I think I'm definitely going to play around with these three more and see if any more ideas come along over the next few days that I could maybe develop into something else. 

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