Sunday, 2 October 2016

Final Zine and Feedback

I was pretty pleased with how my zine turned out, it was a really quick task which meant I couldn't spend time fussing over things that weren't necessarily 'perfect' and gave me a chance to kind of embrace the DIY attitude of zine making.

Using the photocopier was fun, I can see how it could be really useful for produce small publications at a large quantity and i also really enjoyed inverting images to see how they would turn out, sometimes they looked better than my originals!I was happiest with my double spread bird page in the middle of the book and this was reflected in my feedback, people mostly commented on how they liked that page in terms of aesthetics. I was also told that maybe I should try and embrace minimalism and that less is sometimes more, I completely agree with this but I personally enjoy working in more detail but understand that i need to learn how to balance this out and not over-crowd my images. I was also told I'd included too much text/quotes and I think this is true as well. I would much rather have produced more images for this task but we only had a few days for this brief and I'm learning how to juggle the course and a part-time job as well. That being said, I'm really interested in making more zines in this way and also expanding my work and research on Margaret Atwood. 

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