Friday, 23 October 2015

OUIL403 Visual Skills - Typology Development

Lip Biting/Cursing
I started to develop my drawings by focusing a page of my sketchbook on each different letter of the alphabet. This gave me a chance to experiment with colour, style and size and also give me a chance to experiment with how I could draw things so I could see what worked well and what didn't. After the first couple of pages I started to fall into a style/colour scheme that was then consistent throughout the rest of my drawings. 

The first page of drawings I did included work that was done in coloured pencil, finaliser and copic markers as well as some that were a mixture of two. I had been experimenting with using different colours and was enjoying working with a dark pink colour but soon remembered that the poster had to be produced in monochrome. I then started to use a grey copic marker to add colour and fill to some of my drawings and found that even though I preferred using the dark pink, the grey also worked well and also fit to the requirements of the brief. 

Not Catching Enough Zzz's/Smoking

Alcohol/Drinking Too Much Coffee
Final A-Z of Bad Habits: 

A - Alcohol
B - Biting Pens
C - Cursing
D - Drinking Too Much Coffee
E - Emotional Spending 
F - Forgetting My Keys
G - Gambling (Scratchcards)
H - Hoarding 
I - Internet 
J - Judging People Too Quickly 
K - Knuckle Cracking 
L - Lip Biting 
M - Making Too Much Pasta 
N - Nail Biting 
O - Over-thinking 
Knuckle Cracking/Questioning Everything
P - Procrastinating 
Q - Questioning Everything 
R - Reading The Last Page Of A Book First
S - Smoking 
T - Not Texting Back 
U - Ummm
V - Videogames 
W - Watching Too Much TV
X - Excessive Yawning
Y - Youtube 
Z - Not Catching Enough Zzz's 

After I'd developed all of my sketches I started to think about layout. I knew that all the individual illustrations had to be set as vignettes or floating spots and also that there had to be a written title. I wanted the finished poster to be in some kind of order so decided to lay my illustrations out in a grid that would allow me to put the illustrations in order of the alphabet while still giving me enough space for a hand written title. 

Overthinking/Pen Biting
Layout Sketch

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