Wednesday, 14 October 2015

OUIL404 - Photoshop Task

I'm not even going to try and avoid this, I missed the photoshop workshops due to underlying issues and so had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I had a peak on other blogs and had a mess around on photoshop just to try and get the hang of things though. I chose to use my page of mushroom drawings because I was really happy with how these turned out and was excited to see what I could try and do with them. 
Original image, after playing with levels and cleaning up. 

I added different tones of a light brown colour to different sections of the mushrooms, only colour the large on in the middle in full to try and draw the eye too it. I think that worked pretty well and I was happy with how easy it was just to use a simple brush tool to add colour to my drawings. 

Different brush types were interesting to play around with, I had some watercolour brushes that I'd downloaded  ages ago so used these and some different tones of brown to add an background colour/texture. I quite like how this looks, I think it's pretty simple but the brushes make it more interesting to look at. 

I tried to create a more psychedelic image because of the relation some varieties of mushrooms have to being hallucinogenics. Even though the mushrooms I had drawn weren't of this variety I was pretty happy with how this turned out, it looks pretty funky and the brushes i used added to this effect. 
This was just a simple inverse, but I like how it turned out, like I said, missing the workshops held me back bit but I tried to do what I could and create a few different variations based on the knowledge I already had on photoshop. 
 I definitely want to look into using photoshop some more, I think maybe looking at some tutorials online over the next year will help me a lot although I'm not completely sure about whether I'm that keen on using digital media. I'm starting to understand how digital techniques can help to enhance my work but I think it'll take me a little more practice and experimentation to get my head around it and be happy using it.

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