Friday, 23 October 2015

OUIL403 Visual Skills - Typology Final Poster

Final Typology Poster 'The A-Z of Bad Habits' 
Overall I was quite pleased with the final outcome of my poster. I liked the fact that the drawings are in a consistent style and look like they belong together as a set. I also really liked the colour scheme. Even though it was just black, grey and white I thought it worked well with the idea of bad habits. Grey can be quite a dull colour and I think this worked well with the habits being bad rather than good habits. Good habits would have worked better with a brighter colour as they're things that you should be doing, where as the grey works with bad habits as they're usually things that you shouldn't really be doing, or doing that often. I think if i was to change anything it would probably be the layout. Although I liked the idea of the poster being quite systematic and laid out neatly I feel like having the illustrations in more of a cluster and varying the sizes would have made it more interesting to look at. I would have probably also added little sub-titles to the illustrations so that people definitely knew which illustrations related to which letter of the alphabet. Saying that, I do think that overall the poster works quite well and also fits with the mandatory requirements of the brief. Below are some of the illustrations that I think worked best on this poster.

Judging People Too Quickly

Drinking Too Much Coffee

Knuckle Cracking
Excessive Yawning


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