Wednesday, 14 October 2015

OUIL404 - Drawing from Observation

To start off with this task I chose and book that was based around herbal plants and their remedies, I really like drawing plants and natural things so took advantage of this task and our plant drawing task in the afternoon. 

I kind of got a little fixated on this mushroom I was drawing and just kept going and going and going. I think this is good though, were always been told to draw stuff over and over again and this was the first time I really got in the zone and stuck with a drawing. I think they look fairly good, I'm really happy with the line quality as well!

In the afternoon I drew a kinda wonky cactus that i'd brought in from home. Can't say I was too keen on how these turned out though, I think the top two work best, the tone and the line quality looks quite expressive and gestural which is what I was hoping for. I really need to push myself to break out of the idea that everything I draw has to be perfect, finished piece. It doesn't. Mistakes are cool. 

I really enjoyed this task, it was quite therapeutic to just focus on one image/object and draw it over and over again, I'd really love to try and do bit more of this in my spare time when I'm out and about or just sat around my flat. 

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