Thursday, 29 September 2016

Chosen Author - Margaret Atwood

After some quick reading and further research I decided to go with Margaret Atwood as my chosen author for this project. I find Atwood's way of writing to be really vivd and descriptive, which I think could be a useful way of helping me link text to image. I'm also interested in the environmental work she has done throughout her life and how this parallels in her writing. The themes that run through her writing, be it poetry or novels, also hold interest too me. Atwood explores our relationship with nature, feminist views, politics, animals and the dangers of ideology. She has also re-told/reconstructed classic fairytales.

I'm really looking forward to learning more about Atwood's life and work. I particularly enjoy her poetry as well as her novels, they're the kind of things that I would usually pick up to read and enjoy. I think she has a really beautiful way of writing and of putting thoughts/feelings/ideas into words and explores some interesting themes with her writing as well

Also wears cute hats. 

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