Friday, 29 July 2016

Oliver Sacks or Margaret Atwood

I'm completely at loss as to which author to choose for this brief, as usual, I can't make up my damn mind. I've always struggled to settle on a subject for a brief because I always think that i'm going to choose the wrong thing, and then my work won't be good enough and then I'll get bored of it all and then I'll just sit and struggle my way towards deadline as usual.

Oliver Sacks is so interesting to me, I love reading about neurological cases, the brain fascinates me and I always find myself enjoying reading/watching things that give me a bit more insight into how our minds work. Also, Oliver Sacks seems to be such an intelligent and kind mannered person, with a deep understanding and reflection of how our minds work. He was the first author I looked into, the one that immediately grabbed me BUT I worry that I won't be able to translate what I'm reading and learning about his life and work into something visual??

Maragaret Atwood's poetry is beautiful. I have yet to read any of her novels but after researching and looking into themes throughout her work I feel like I'd be quite interested in reading a couple of her novels. I've really enjoyed reading through her poetry and it's already started to conjure up little ideas in my head of how I could visually explore her work. BUT I worry that as I'm completely new to Atwood and her work maybe I'll get bored of her??

I suck at making decisions on things and really want to get a move on with this research project, I'm just struggling with who to settle on. I think I'm going to do a little more research on both authors and just make a decision and make the author work for me.

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